4100 Merle Hay Road, Unit 8, Des Moines IA 50314


Only through repetition are you to discover the depths of emotion, mind and energy.

Each position you take in life acts as a sacred point of self reflection. Some postures through their intensity hold the power to drive us deep within ourselves very fast; should we be so brave to take the journey.

There will be things on this journey you don’t want to find. Things you don’t want to see. Truth you don’t want to admit.

However , should you face these and overcome. Something on the other side is waiting for you. 

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4100 Merle Hay Road, Unit 8
Des Moines, UA 50314


Posture are points of access to deeper dimensions and new possibilities. The are a means but not an end. One day the body will be given back , so let’s enjoy them and make them beautiful.

— Mathew Koder